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Tutorial - Learn to Play UNSC Warfare!

This is a quick start tutorial to answer what would be your most basic questions and helpfully get you on the road to becoming one of the top players!

If reading isn't for you check out this video which goes over everything in this tutorial with a little more sugar:

The first step is purchasing units! You purchase Units with RP (Requisition Points).

Requistion Points

This is earned from a variety of activities. If you look at the stat bar you can see you already have some! Now head over to the store!


The Store

There are various types of store and lots of different things to buy however, you will need to focus on buying units appropriate for your level. As you have just started you are level 1 or an ensign. The units are ordered by level required - so if you scroll to the bottom you will see units that you can buy!

Purchase a mix of units as that will enable you to be prepared for most situations. In UNSC Warfare there is a similar battle mechanic to Halo Wars with rock paper scissors again different Unit types. So diversity is key.You will notice that units take up storage space - as you level up you gain access to ships with more storage space.

When you have spent that hard earned cash head over to the Fleet page for the next part of your journey.

The Fleet

The fleet page has 3 sections - the main page, all players, and battlegroups. The main page lists all players with an army available. The battlegroups page lists all of the battlegroups in game. Finally the All players page lusts all the players.


You can rather choose an individual player to battle, you can click the Shield and BR icon by the right side of their name or by clicking their profile and clicking battle.

Battle at Fleet

As a beginner it is best to start near the bottom. However if you just want a quick battle and feel like the dice are in your favour click quick match! This will take you to the Battle Screen.

The Battle Screen

Here is where the magic happens - the battle can take up to 30 seconds to start after which time you can watch the battle unfold between your troops and the enemy's. Win or Lose - you are rewarded with a good amount of experience, RP, and Score!

Battle Screen

Upon completion of your battle, depending on the outcome, some of your units may need recharging if they were knocked out during the game. If this is the case you can recharge them (at the cost of your RP) from two places; the stat bar or the armoury - for now use the stat bar; it recharges all of your units at a discounted rate. With a battle in the bag you can go on to play more battles, and then purchase more units and if your units rank up you can equip them with new weapons! To have a look at this go to the armoury.

The Armoury

Armoury Screen

Here you can view a large amount of your stats as well as manage your army- to do so scroll down to your army box and click the '. . .'. From this screen your army is broken into types to make it easier to manage for example ODSTs, Tanks Infantry etc as well as being organised by unit category such as Infantry, Vehicle and Aircraft.

Armoury Manage Armoury Sparrow Manage

That’s all you need for now to get started. As you level up feel free to check out missions for a high risk and high reward. Missions are time managed battles or deployments with high reward in score points, RP, and XP. In deployment missions you may even be rewarded with units. However if you lose, any units that were knocked out face a chance at being killed! Think it through first!