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The Forums so far.

The Forums so far.

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The forums look great so far. I never imagined it to look like this. It's also running smooth for me aswell, has anyone ran into any errors?

Thread Posted on 24/02/2014 02:57

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Excuse the basic design - It will get better in time. I really wanted to get it out there for people to test first!

Posted on 24/02/2014 06:36

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If this is still a 'basic' design, i can't wait until the finished version; Great work Glitch! 

Posted on 24/02/2014 09:30

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Yeah, I've noticed Glitch's version of "it'll do" are better that a lot of sites "best efforts" :D

Looking good so far ant this text editor looks great.

Posted on 24/02/2014 18:28

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This Forum looks really really good. Not your run of the mill type thingy, pretty awesome Glitch!

Posted on 24/02/2014 22:37

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Just here to say great job Glitch, im new to the game but really excited to watch it mature over the next few months :)

Posted on 03/03/2014 23:30