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Windows 8 sytem freeze after left idle

Windows 8 sytem freeze after left idle

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I'm having a freezing issue on a recently built PC. It seems to occur when left idle for awhile. I've noticed it seems to happen when left on for about a day. I get no warnings, my mouse, keyboard and intuos tablet stop working and my computer just freezes. I have to hardboot to get it back up. I originally thought it was Google Chrome causing this, but it still happens after I uninstalled it. I have updated to the latest BIOS version, this issue was happening even before this update, and re-installed video drivers.
I can't narrow this down myself at this point. Attached are my logs. Hopefully someone could shed some light on what could be causing this behavior.
Also I don't put my computer to sleep or hibernate, I have these options disabled. And have never had my PC freeze during gaming?

Please help.

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Thread Posted on 27/06/2018 13:06