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Of Halo and Being a Southpaw

Of Halo and Being a Southpaw

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My friend came over a couple of weeks ago after getting his Halo Special Edition XBox. He was proud of his newfound Halo skills and wanted to show me. Having been distracted by Soul Calibur II and PGR2 for the last 6 months, I was in no shape to challenge him. But I did anyway. Needless to say I ost.Now I had no problem admitting that his skills were better than mine (that's what happens when you've hardly played for 6+ months), but what irked me was the total disadvantage of being a left-handed videogamer.

The setup that's been most natural for me is Southpaw / Greenthumb. Every other setting seems to have a major disadvantage for a lefthander (like zooming issues), so I've stuck with that control scheme. But it's only been recently, when I've stepped away from my casual Halo gaming into friendly competition, that I've noticed how lacking the lefthanded controls are. With S-controller set on Southpaw/GreenThumb, it was completely impossible for me to crouch and aim at the same time. None of the setups allowed me to remap crouch to the right handed analog stick. What a major tactical disadvantage! Additionally, jumping forward requires quite a bit of dexterity. I have to keep the right thumb in the forward position, slide quickly off to hit "a", and then immediately resume position on the stick. Argh!After several close defeats, I've decided to try and become Halo ambidextrous. This is pure misery, for my left brain thinks right, and my right brain thinks left, and my master chief looks like he's downed a few too many drinks. Am I wrong? Are the inherent disadvantages to the Southpaw setup really that bad? Can I be play as a Southpaw, or will I needed to give up all I've ever known?In other words, if I want to be competitive with my friends, will I need to learn the right handed scheme?

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