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[MOD] Halo Mod

[MOD] Halo Mod

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  • Hi all,
  • I'm interested in making a Halo mod for GSB. I aim to make it as 'Realistic' as possible.I'm pritty new to modding GSB, since I only got it yesterday but I'm willing to try.I suppose my first question would be, is it possible to make a module fixed to fire in a certain direction? So, for example, you could create a UNSC Frigate and make it so that to fire the MAC Cannon the whole ship has to turn to face the target, rather than the module being an actual turret with 360 degrees rotation.Also, is it possible to make a weapons module 'invisible' so that it doesn't show up on the actual ship, just like shield and armour modules don't, yet it can still fire and so on?
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Thread Posted on 08/03/2018 10:16