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What i think would be awsome

What i think would be awsome

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What i think would be awsome for UNSC Warface 2.0 would be the option to pick a side and the ablitiy to get covie stuff, example you could pick human,covie,or Swords of Sanghelios if you don't know what the Swords of Sanghelios is they are a group of Sangheili (Elites) let by Vel 'Vadam (Arbitor the alien guy you plays as and with in halo 2 and 3) they would let you have covie craft (Ghosts,Wraths,etc) and their ships also they are friends to the humans.Humans would UNSC or insurgents allowing you too have human craft etheir way. Covie/ whats left of them any way would let you be like the Swords of  Sanghelios but agaist the UNSC. 

Thread Posted on 14/10/2015 14:51