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Boss raids/Missions

Boss raids/Missions

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So as you all know, in every halo there was a boss at the end or some kind of battle. I think if we could implement this concept on a site wide scale, or even just for Battlegroups.

Have a boss of the week, or month and give bonuses for completing the raid.

Contained in each raid could be multiple missions  that each member has to help complete in order to progress through the raid. 

Not all members have to be online at the same time.

Raids will be harder to complete (for bonus units or upgrades to be obtained)

Optional: have all members have a "poll" tab where they can vote on the next boss. (Give them a couple options)

Also as a second to this post:

Reform the mission base.

-Have different rings to travel to (rank unlocks other rings)

-Start out on the first ring, the last (and highest ranked) missions are performed on "Reach" or Earth.

-Have missions on rings that go a long with the whole collection\

-One time missions appear as "COMPLETED" after being attemped

-Have the ability to "Call Reinforcements"

   - By this I mean that if you are losing a battle you can "Call Reinforcements" and it revives 30% (or some fair number) of your forces to finish the fight

        -This can either be a 1 Time usuable boost (that must be purchased again before using) or a ship upgrade that is costly to purchase

        - Also You can only use this once per battle, and (optional) can have a cooldown.

-Have a mission command center where you can operate on (can be built after completing each ring) By that meaning to complete every mission (besides One Time)

Any questions or if you want more suggestions/ideas

Just pm me!

Thread Posted on 29/08/2014 14:39