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When John Ross ran his 40-yard dash in just 4.22 seconds and broke the NFL Scouting Combine record [url=]Womens Preston Brown Jersey[/url] , you could say he ran his way into the top 10 of the 2017 NFL Draft when the Bengals used the ninth-overall selection on him just weeks later.However, the previous record holder has his doubts about whether or not Ross actually beat his time. Former Titans running back Chris Johnson originally set the record that Ross beat back in 2008 when he ran the 40-yard dash in a blazing 4.24 seconds. Similar to Ross, Johnson’s draft stock rose accordingly and he eventually became a first-round pick as well. Johnson was recently interviewed on Bleacher Report’s Simms and Lefkoe: The Show about a number of things, but when it came to Ross beating his record, Johnson wasn’t sold.You can catch the rest of the interview here. Johnson brought up a couple arguments to defend why he believes his record should stand. The first one being the side-by-side cam between Ross and Johnson, which NFL Network stated several times after Ross allegedly broke it that they weren’t able to pull off. That was because Johnson ran his 40-yard dash in the Colts old stadium, where they didn’t have a good camera angle of Johnson’s run. They did manage to have Ross run compared to Johnson’s time by illustrating it with a line here. You have to wonder how accurate that is, if so, Johnson has a point as his line pretty much passes the finish before Ross.Here is NFL Network’s broadcast of Ross running the 40-yard dash and the rest of their coverage of Ross breaking the record. Even when they play Ross side-by-side with Dri Archer, who ran a 4.26 it looks like Ross barely beats him by a hair. Certainly not enough to say he ran a 4.22.That point is stronger than Johnson questioning how long it took to get the official time, as it can often take awhile to get the official times for the group of players who ran that day.The idea that the NFL had Ross break the record in order to make the combine more interesting is a weird concept, but Johnson has a point to doubt whether Ross broke his record based off the evidence provided. It would be odd to say fans flocked to watch the 2018 combine just because Ross broke the record the previous year, but it is hard to say why they would say Ross broke the record if he didn’t.Ultimately, we can’t say for sure that Ross didn’t break it. We are arguing over hundredths of a second after all, and we should be more inclined to believe the official times, as it would be weird for the NFL to be caught faking times at their gathering of prospects to help teams decide who to draft. Ross’ draft stock probably wouldn’t have altered that much had his time been a 4.22 or a 4.25. The Bengals are probably more concerned about finding a head coach who can design an offense that can get Ross the ball in more advantageous situations rather than just being an excellent red zone target in his third year. Johnson still has his 2 [url=]Womens Trey Hopkins Jersey[/url] ,000 yard rushing season, which seems to be a mark that no one will hit for quite some time. And whether or not Ross did break this record, Bengals fans are more concerned with his continued development entering his third year than his distinction of being the fastest player ever. KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Patrick Mahomes bobbled the snap, picked the ball off the turf and threw a laser to Tyreek Hill in the corner of the end zone, giving the Kansas City Chiefs another touchdown on a night full of them.Even the young quarterback’s mistakes rarely end up awry.The Chiefs’ record-setting quarterback wound up throwing for 358 yards and four touchdowns Sunday night, Kareem Hunt totaled three scores and Kansas City rebounded from a last-second loss in New England by throttling the Cincinnati Bengals 45-10 before a boisterous crowd at Arrowhead Stadium.“I mean, you always think you’re going to have success,” said Mahomes, whose 22 touchdown passes in his first eight career games set an NFL record, “but I didn’t think it would happen this much.”Mahomes was 28 of 39 with his only costly mistake an underthrown interception, though the Chiefs (6-1) were already so far ahead of Cincinnati (4-3) by that point it didn’t really matter.He spread the wealth, too, connecting with eight targets. Hill had seven catches for 68 yards and a touchdown, Travis Kelce had five catches for 95 yards, and Demetrius Harris hauled in the other TD catch as the Chiefs piled up 551 yards total offense.“We’re just rolling [url=]Joe Mixon Jersey White[/url] ,” Harris said. “We’re unstoppable when it’s clicking like that.”Meanwhile, the Bengals’ Andy Dalton was held to just 148 yards passing with a touchdown and an interception by the NFL’s worst defense. Joe Mixon managed only 50 yards rushing.“We had a lot of plays,” Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said, “where we’ve got to do better.”The Chiefs, wearing their all-red uniforms for the primetime matchup, flexed some rare defensive muscle to open the game, creating a three-and-out for their first forced punt in 17 possessions.Mahomes and Hunt immediately went to work.With their quarterback shredding the Bengals’ depleted backfield, and Hunt making the rest of the defense look downright foolish, the Chiefs marched 95 yards for a score. Hunt capped it with a short TD grab, but it was his play immediately before that set social media ablaze.Hunt spun loose from a clutch of Bengals, then hurdled safety Jessie Bates on a 21-yard run .“That was just one of those to get the team going,” Hunt said. “You just got to want it. You need touchdowns instead

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