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Waiting for energy to recharge?
Want something to do while playing UNSC Warfare?
Want to hear smooth beats while annihilating your foe?

Well then is for you. empowers people from around the world to share music in a fun, real-time, community-driven environment.

The UNSC Warfare Rec Room is hosted by Assault Command but any player can log on and share music while playing UNSC Warfare. It is fairly simple to use and provides great avenues for you to get to know your fellow players through their music taste and consequentially hate them because it is different to yours.

Link to Rec Room (for those that missed the others):

Thread Posted on 25/02/2014 13:51

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I haven't personally tried it, but I know alot of the members enjoyed going there! So be sure to check it out :)

Posted on 02/03/2014 16:55

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Thanks for making the thread, I totally forgot to make one myself :)

Also to everyone reading this, if the room is empty, don't leave, just play your own music until other people come :)

Posted on 18/03/2014 20:29