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Weekly Update Number 4

23 Aug


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Another weekly update coming at you! Its been a busy busy week of coding with some great developments. This week I will be covering the following:

  • Completed Features as of last week
  • Alpha sign ups
  • And Currently in development

So as you may or may not know last week the site went live with the alpha registration page! If you haven't signed up yet I urge you to do so as when the site is ready lots of the features such as player battles and unit purchasing will require vigorous testing! I would like to thank everyone who signed up as I got a great response! Hopefully at some point I will be doing a newsletter to indicate updates however that is still not set in stone. I will keep all of you updated on development though!

As I mentioned at the beggining of the update there has been a lot of development in the last week. Most prominent of those is the purchasing system which now 100% works for players buying units! I also integrated a nice jquery notification to pop down and confirm or deny any purchases the Video below will show it! (Watch it in 720p to see detail)

Also if you were on the site straight away last week and haven't looked since you would of noticed the extreme differences in design! The general design and the pages have had a slight change; all for the better.

Its good that things are slowly coming together.. Currently we are working on the fleet page; this will list all of the current players (captains) and some discrete details as well as the ability for players to engage in war games. effectively battling other player's to see who's army is the strongest. This is of course one of many planned features; that should hopefully be done by the end of the week. However we have hit a slight wall in development which is preventing me from going any further on the mission front however I suspect that by tomorrow this should be resolved.

A heads up that next weeks weekly update will be coming late: rather Wednesday or Thursday latest due to the bank holiday! Thanks for reading everyone! Please share this and share the site and sign up if you haven't already! Till next week Spartans!

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