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16 Jan


Post by: Glitch100

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Tell us more!

We would be interested in hearing what you think of what we have shown so far. Naturally its difficult for you to make judgement when there isn't much for you to use or see but that will all change in Feb. 
When the updated site goes live with access unlocked to testers we will be expecting a large amountof feedback in a short period of time as there will more than likely be areas of the site that aren't ready at all to handle the stress of players. As such the testing will begin a period of activity dedicated to ironing out these areas.

Testing and Stuff...

Towards the end of this month expect an update on how the testing will be structured and what times to expect your emails. That’s it really - so if you could just provide us with what you think of the battle system purchasing units and more it would be really beneficial. Have your say in the comments or contact us!  Thank you

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