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Milestone Reached, 320 People Signed up, Dev slow down

20 Dec


Post by: Glitch100

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Just a minor update to thank everyone who has signed up as an interested user! We hit approximately 320 unique sign ups last night! It's great news for us, and it really means a lot to see interest. On that note, I would like to say that the first 350 will receive an invite to the first phase of 0.1.0 testing which will begin shortly when it is ready to e tested to the high heavens! You may of noticed that the site hasn’t been updated in some time – this is because the current version is for when testing starts and as such we won’t be updating the site until then. Be sure to check out our google plus page which has some images of various areas of the site on it - UNSC Warfare Google Plus

I have been working on it for an extreme amount of time since Wednesday night, as I am now on holiday until the New Year, in order to get as much done as possible before Christmas! However it's worth mentioning that my current laptop is in need of a fresh install and as such development has been on hold since this afternoon - assuming all goes well it will continue tonight or worst case in the morning. Also development will slow down around the 27th of this month as I will be taking a trip to celebrate New Year; as such dev work will effectively be frozen until after New Year ’s Day.

With that, this updates finished, expect at least one more before Christmas!

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