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UNSC Battle System Refactoring,Halo Inspiration and Unity3D

19 Dec


Post by: Glitch100

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Was so busy towards the end of last week that development was on hold until Tuesday of this week! Fortunately though, over Tuesday and Wednesday a large amount of changes and optimisations were made and we have increased the speed of some pages and the efficiency of all the queries being run by ~90%! Once again one of these pages was the Battle page, which has been undergoing a variety of changes in order to correct and optimise our logic. The actual system itself now has a new and improved method of working out victories but it is still blunt and needs fine tuning which is what we hope to achieve with the testing phase when we eventually get there.

We are now 1 week behind the original testing opening date, and we plan to take our time so that when we do release the alpha for mass testing it's actually usable; if we had gone ahead with what we had and released it, it would of been pretty unreliable and people would be disappointed so we are doing what we can to create a stable and fulfilling built for you guys to play around with. Testing will also usher in the beginning of the UNITY 3D side of the project. We are excited to get started on that but until this part is done there will be no moving on. If anyone is interested in contributing to the projects 3D RTS Component, be sure to throw us a comment or a message and we will get back to you.

Fortunately with Christmas round the corner I now have a couple of days free to focus on development and hopefully finish up some features and fine tune everything so testing can begin sooner than what would be normally possible due to work. In case anyone was wondering I personally chose to base this game off of the Halo Universe because I have always been a massive fan and I feel there is so much to be done there. I hope that in time, UNSC Warfare can become a known fan made Halo game that the community can appreciate and enjoy together! 

That's all for now, I will post periodic updates through this weekend.

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