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3D Modeller, Progress and ODST vs Spartan IV

27 Nov


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As stated in the previous weekly update this one would be shorter as we delivered that news earlier in the week, however I will of course try and cram some information in here for you all.

Firstly I started looking out for some people to join the team in development for when we start Phase 2 which is Unity3D development. Our first 3D Modeller to join the team will be (NAME). He is a Halo fan, looking to gain some experience for his portfolio and has talent! What more could we ask for! Don’t expect any sweet 3D models yet though as that pipeline will only open when phase 2 starts!

We got some great development done this week with a fix for the Mail Service, our key generation service for handing out testing codes as well as an abundance of other bits. To highlight some of what was done - we tweaked the battle resolver to give out some decent results and be more reliable. We are altering the way it handles post battle, we have also adjusted some pages to output placeholders instead of their intended images until we refactor some code to handle units. A lot was accomplished though I can tell you that much.

spartan iv

Finally what many of you may be reading for; what happens when an ODST and a Spartan IV Fight! Well, like I mentioned earlier we have been refactoring some of the code in the Battle Resolver to be more balanced, more realistic and to go about battles between units better. As such I rewrote the code that determines damage being done by units. In the temporary logs I was getting out everything was going smooth – that is until an ODST and a Spartan IV came up against each other. Any guess what happened? Of course not – you don’t even know how the system works, so I’ll tell you; the ODST missed, and then had another shot at the Spartan – he didn’t do much damage, but the Spartan didn’t mess around and hit for a crazy amount. Although I am not inclined to give out details of strength etc yet, I can say that an average hit for a Marine is about 30, a warthog about 150, and so on. The Spartan ‘instakilled’ the ODST with a critical hit of 2390! Yes it did, and it didn’t stop there, it went and destroyed every other unit it came up against. Was funny to see how the code did that – it was due to levelling and how max damage is calculate, but it’s all resolved now!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed that little story and this week’s update! Don’t forget to share! See you next week.


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