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Possible Unity3D Xbox One Development Avenue

25 Nov


Post by: Glitch100

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Yeap! You read the title right - there is a possibility for us to go down the Xbox One development Avenue and develop for the console as well as the PC using Unity3D.

I have been considering it for a while however it will open up a variety of questions such as whether the web component will be necessary or even useful. These lead to the ultimate question; do we halt development in the web component and switch development over to Unity3D?

These types of questions are rare but also pose high risk and alteration to the longevity and future of the project. After careful consideration development will continue for the web platform as a base for all unit management - as originally planned -however after further investigation and results from the testing phase we may instead migrate code into a standalone game! Don't get too excited, these kind of changes and happenings are at least 6 months off.. For now let's focus on what we have. On that note I am setting a preliminary date for testing to open up on the 14th of December. Not far at all however it is likely to change if we don’t meet targets.

So mark the date. Also due to this update being released early in the week there will only be a smaller development update later on in the week due to my schedule. So keep an eye out for that. As always don't forget to follow us, and like our page! 


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