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Battle System, Name Change, Testing and New Features

9 Oct


Post by: Glitch100

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So an update that is a day early this week! Firing it out now as I am going to be busy for the rest of the week. I am just going to cover some aspects of things we have been working on some new things in the long pipeline that is development and the move to a new name. So as I mentioned last week we have been working on the battle system. Quite an integral part of the site and as such it requires a lot of attention. We now currently have a fully functional battle system, however it is not finished but it is well on its way.

Without giving away too many details it works along these lines:

  • Grab the units and mix them up.
  • Units engage other units individually after each fight the units are mixed up again. The dynamic of any battle changes as a things go on am I right?
  • A unit that is destroyed is set to OUT OF ACTION and removed from the current army pool.
  • There are between 3 and 5 cycles to any one battle between units.
  • Units can battle each other again although it’s unlikely that it will be more than once. Chances are they will have destroyed one another after a second.
  • Armour is involved in the damage process.
  • A unit has a base damage whilst it can hit for a maximum damage which is calculated on the fly.
  • At the end of a battle if a both players still have an army the loser is determined by the player with the most OUT OF ACTION units.
  • In some cases an entire army can be wiped out.

 Now you are probably wondering, what OUT OF ACTION means in terms of the game. Basically a unit can be READY TO DEPLOY or OUT OF ACTION. If they are the latter they can't be used in battles. The battle system is meant to represent what we have all come to know as war games or simulated battle. As such there are no casualties, however we can say 'well that unit lost that game put them out of action until later on. Consider it a cool down period. Whether we actually have a cool down period is to be seen but currently it is designed so that a player can buy the units back in using the in game currency, Requisition Points.

 The choice to not have units die was because it's quite easy to imagine a player building up a fantastic army, an easy couple of hundred marines and some vehicles and then go up against some player with a much bigger and better army. Losing all those units would not only be super demoralising but incredibly time wasting. Players would have to slave away at getting another army, as such the option to revive your army is penalty enough.

 As for later implementations who is to say - we are still at a stage where dramatic changes could be made. Maybe have accidental casualties in the war games. All up for debate, be sure to leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

 With the battle system nearing a mass usable state we also get closer to testing... Within the next two weeks if we finish up the current work on the battle system we will make some preparations to get some testers on board and begin using and testing what features we do have.

 Moving away from the battle system is our current situation with 343i and Microsoft. We are still waiting for them to respond to our most recent email which asks about appropriate alternative names. Unfortunately we are only going to be delayed in development until this gets resolved as there is a variety of tasks associated with moving domains. We will keep you posted as the news reaches us.

 There are a few new things in the pipeline that we have been discussing and aim to implement as soon as development allows us. They include a message system between plays; you may think it basic but since we don't integrate with a forum environment that functionality is not currently present. In addition we aim to add in an achievement system of sorts. If you have any ideas of achievements be sure to submit them below!

I think that covers everything this week! Thanks for reading and sticking around.

Expect an update at the beginning of next week.

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