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Important Changes to Halo Command and Unit Battles

6 Oct


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Hola Halo Fans,

This week we will be talking about some upcoming work, what's been achieved this week, and the Battle system for players! However we have some news to share, which concerns the future of the project.

Before we get knee deep in Halo Command happenings I have a note of importance to tell you; we were contacted by 343i's community manager, who most of you will know by the alias of bsangel in regards to the name of our game Halo Command, the use of the Halo logo, and other bits from the Game Content Usage Rules. Apparently we are not complying entirely with the Game Content Usage Rules and as such we are in a potential stick of trouble. Fortunately bsangel pointed kindly pointed it out to us before we could get in any real trouble, so that's good news . So to get into this here is a list of changes that will be implemented effective immediately and some of which will be changing over time:

  • Terms page now has an updated usage statement and it is present on the front page.
  • The game content statement now appears in the footer as well as the front page
  • Adverts (however short their use) are prohibited and as such will no longer be displayed on the site. This isn't so big and was a means to generate income however it has become apparent it is within the rules to ask for optional donations, so we will be doing that instead at a later date when the development takes a more difficult turn.
  • A name change from 'Halo Command' to something which doesn't have 'Halo' as a prefix. This is quite a big change and unfortunately it will negatively impact the site and it's future, we do have one idea for a name, but we aren't sure yet as it may still conflict with the Game Content Usage Rules - this is up for discussion though, so please comment if you have any ideas.
  • A new logo. Naturally we can't keep the same one if we have the name, but this isn't too bad.
  • Various other assets and features will be put on hold or removed from the dev cycle in order to work alongside the game content usage rules

And that's that. We will keep everyone updated with the progress of this and any other changes which will have to be made in time.


Now with all the negativity out the way here is what you have been waiting for! NinjaNye has done more work on our registration system so that's nearly done which is good. His dev work will be slower at the moment as he is currently redoing his website from scratch. Be sure to check him out. He is a source of great C# information and if you are a fellow dev you may learn something from his various blog posts! 

Meanwhile on game related code, I have been looking at the Battle System and various ways to tackle the problems it poses. Firstly we had to refactor the various statistics that a unit has, and we also made the decision to scrap the Halo Wars ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Battle mechanic between air, infantry, and vehicles. Instead battle will now be using a custom formula which is going to attempt to mimic a more realistic battle scenario. Currently it's using a variety of statistics however it's going to take a lot of fine tuning before we can get it to work properly and as best we can, as such it will also take into consideration veterancy between units. We want players to get favourite units and if possible, make them the best they can be. Provided they don't get mowed down in a battle of course.

Over the week I was working on a system to deliver an increase in accuracy based on a units veterancy, interesting stuff on how the formula will work, and we tried a variety of formulas! If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on what they think the battle system should be like, please, comment below we would love to hear what you want! In addition this system will take advantage of custom weapons etc that a unit may have equipped. I hope that within the next two weeks we can get the battle system on more solid ground, working and then that will put us within reach of testing the web based component of the game.

Unity development is looming ahead after that and I imagine it will be quite laid back, offering up a variety of paths to take. Definitely worth pointing out that the development on the Unity side of things will be in no way speedy, but even slower than the pace we have been moving, however we will try and crunch out some videos for you to track our progress!

I really appreciate you all reading this post. Hopefully the matters that we discussed with the Halo People can be resolved easily, with as little damage and change to the project as possible, we know everyone that has registered is excited and I hope we can all move forward together, with this change being positive instead. Be sure to tweet us @HaloCommand with any suggestions! We will obviously be changing names on that aswell soon, so please keep coming back, as I expect this week will be full of information


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Posted on: 06/10/2013