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UNSC Warfare 2.0 - 3D Game

8 May


Post by: Glitch100

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UNSC Warfare 2.0 Announcement

The decision has finally been made! UNSC Warfare 2.0 is in production! So I am going to give a quick overview of what's being done, what's included, what has been done and what will be happening to the website!


The Team

Currently the team is 3 men strong, with design and UX being done by Mr Lushy. Background ideas, format, presentation and research by Swainoo, and programming, implementation and direction being handled by myself. We are looking for the following talented people:

  • Lore King - A master of the Halo Universes lore. Read the books, knows the secrets of the universe, all that jazz.
  • 3D Modeller - Someone capable of crafting high quality 3D Models of units, structures and environments in the Halo Universe.
  • Digital Artist - Capable of texturing our newly baked models, building awesome textures, and also concept art.
  • Animator - Animating the great things that the guys above create.


If you think you fill any of these roles, or multiple, get in contact with us via the site, twitter, or comment below and I will get in touch. As the Microsoft Game Content Usage Rules, and Intellectual property prevent us from earning any money from the game, the site or anything else we create we can't pay. However following the launch and success of UNSC Warfare 2.0 we will be doing another game where the potential for some money down the line is real. You will of course be credited for your work on the game, and be part of something awesome for the community.


The Game

UNSC Warfare 2.0 is going to be everything that UNSC Warfare wanted to be and more. The principle platform is going to be mobile (Android first, iOS shortly after) and if the game gets big, we will port to PC etc. Naturally we wanted to put the game on Xbox One but 343i are difficult to get a hold of for a specific discussion of what can and can't be done. That's for the future bros. It will come…

There are going to be a number of overhauls, and new features. One of the most important changes is that the game will no longer focus around ships like it did before, and players will no longer be able to amount huge armies. Instead a players forces will be more tightly focused, to increase the relationship between a player and their units. Now, units will have a decent levelling and upgrade system to make them more worthwhile, important and personable. Missions will be remaining but will take a different format to current missions. Unit customisation will be deeper and more permanent and there will be the ability to lose units. A lot of features haven't been finalised as it's really early on but I have listed some below.


  • 3D Intuitive Interface – The game will no longer be using a traditional mobile side menu, or standard pages. The entire experience will revolve around 3D elements. A better experience, that’s more delicious for everyone.
  • Advanced and more Realistic Battles – Currently in UNSC, battles take place on a duel-to-the-end basis on a top down 2D map, with each unit duelling a number of rounds, with each round ending with damage dealt between units that is calculated based on their stats. Now the battles will take place just like in an RTS with units roaming the map, towards an objective, and destroying units as they go. Range will now be an observable statistic with snipers at other ends of the map and out of immediate danger. Units can engage in multiple battles at time, with the possibility to team up on one unit becoming a reality. The game will start as 2.5D but by release we hope to make the environment and the units 3D.
  • Unified Screens – No more clunky pages. Everything will be streamlined and better categorised.
  • Player Marketplace – Players can now buy other units, sell their own as well as keep a hardcore UNSC roster
  • Player Factions – When starting the game you will be given a choice of 3 Factions within Humanity. Although not finalised these will be UNSC / ONI / Insurrectionist. Each will have it's own pros and cons, and just acts as a meta game, and another way for players to battle.
  • Additional Features – There were many features that never made it into UNSC Warfare so we will try and squeeze as many of these in as possible, but more on these later

Already the wheels are in motion for development. Feature discussion, UI designs, the theme, screens and more are all in progress. The game will work off an API System, which will allow the community to pull data about the game as necessary. Currently code wise, there is a good infrastructure in place for a token based login system, and API calls to buy units, get units, login and register! 


Current Site Features and Future

The current site will stay as is with the addition of the occasional mission or units to keep you guys going, but 98% of effort is going into the new game. I am going to set up a new site for the API nearer the time, however there will be a test server which I will setup to maintain the API. I will need testers in 3 months or so as well, which I will recruit from here. 

Finally, I will be rewarding all existing players on this game that migrate across with some really cool stuff. So be ready...

It's been a long journey through time and space with everyone on the website, ideas, new features, and decisions about the future of the site, but we now know where we are going, and it's pretty damn exciting. So I ask that you spread the word



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Posted on: 08/05/2015

New R2D2

This Sounds Awesome! Just a heads up, I may be able to fill the role of Lore King (I love and have anything Halo, hence me coming here) however I do currently have my final school year putting some pressure on my but I should/might be able to spare to help. Although I'm sure their are plenty of people who can fill this role over at the Halo Archive, they know their stuff too

Posted on: 08/05/2015

Kusa Az 'Xykal

Very cool! Yet another reason for me to get a phone.

Posted on: 09/05/2015


I can fill up Lore King and I have a lot of time to work on it. I can be animator if you give me the gist on how to make it or a small video tutorial or step by steps tutorial on one item.

Posted on: 12/05/2015


i can do lore king

Posted on: 12/05/2015


I can be a tester as well

Posted on: 13/05/2015


Really awesome update, Glitch. Can't wait for future updates. Unfortunately I have no clue about how to do anything game related (Except play them, of course) and i'm sure there are better lore masters out there. Although that said, i'd love to help in any way. So if you think or something shoot me a message and i'll help to the best of my ability.

Posted on: 13/05/2015


I can work as Animator Glitch.

Posted on: 14/05/2015


I'd love to join the 'lore committee', as I've dubbed it. My area of expertise is more Bungie than 343, though.

Posted on: 13/10/2015

Wolf of Shadow

I could be your lore master the only problem is that i would enjoy if you asked me questions in bulk.I have found an always interesting facts on halo such as the the flood was a powder that ancient humans put on their pets said powder was a form on which the precursors took to hide/escape the forerunners i could go on about this subject for every but i won't right now also i am interested in your next game.I have no important events coming up as of right now.

Posted on: 24/03/2016


Depending on the software being used to make everything, limitations with the software, etc... I can do animations for it. I have some experience make games myself. So I understand the basics.