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Site Maintenance and the Future of UNSC WARFARE

31 Oct


Post by: Glitch100

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Hi all,

I know it's been a long time since I have posted any news on UNSC, or updated the features. This is for two reasons- the first is that I am working on Hierarchy, a 3D Survival based strategy game:

The second reason is that I am extremely busy at work and at home and UNSC Warfare was never meant to do as good as it did. It was originally a test site for some new features that came out and then it launched into what it is today. In terms of future feature development the code base is very brittle now, and is clearly struggling with the (staggering) amount of data the site has recorded, and over time pieces of the site have broken and shut down, including but not limited to:

  • Parts of the forum,
  • Blog Comments,
  • and some fleet battles

This leaves me with two choices. I can attempt to fix these issues and then leave the site to carry on as it has done, or I can pursue an altogether different approach. As mentioned previously I am extremely busy so my time is limited and is currently focused on the development of new projects, but I have considered convering the site into a phone app that is more efficient and has minor 2D/3D Components. The reason I haven't followed this route sooner is that because the site is based off Halo because it's an amazing franchise, it unfortunately doesn't yield any money for me for server costs etc. This was ultimately a reason for removing my focus from this project in the first place. 

Another alternative is recreate the site under a different or new franchise which would allow profict going forward. 

I am currently still debating the options but until then I ask that you have patience. My initial investigation of any of the bugs on the site leads me to believe that the site infrastructure is having difficulty dealing with the amount of data coming down. To prevent things getting worse I will not be making any more hotfixes until I can pin down the real cause of the issue.

For more information don't forget to contact me directly @Glitch100

Thanks for reading

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