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Welcome to the New Design of UNSC Warfare!

27 Mar


Post by: Glitch100

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We have been working on redesigning the site in order to make it run more efficiently on mobile devices for the past 3 weeks now and its finally done! The main change is the movement of the navigation into a more manageable location; the sidebar.

Following the unfortunate failed deployment a couple of days ago it is now redeployed and fully functional! You may notice various quirks regarding the design with certain areas of the site not looking as good as possible. If you do just report the issues and I will update the site as we go along with more style changes!

In addition we have reduced the amount of large images on the site and made the chatbox have a delayed load. There are two reasons for this. The first is due to SEO and the second for increased loading speed and to reduce some conflicts. As such it is, for now, am experimental system.

In terms of new functionality coming with this change I have some general bug fixes with the forums, a large speed optimisation for both battles and chat. With battles they should now load a lot faster and the outcome of the battles should be slightly more accurate. I adjusted the stats of all the units in order to prepare for an upcoming algorithm change.

Also we now have a link to all our social networks at the top of the page so you can easily connect to the pages that you need to!

The achievements system is ready to go live however we are just waiting on some images before I can release them! So get ready for that. We also added a donation page which anyone can use to contribute towards server costs, advertising and further development. Note that donations will not get you anything extra in game and the only gift you will receive will be our gratification, which is obviously more fun than super or rare units! Aha.

Anyway enjoy the update! Give feedback use the forums and check us out on all the social networks!

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