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Game Update - UNSC Ship Slots

3 Mar


Post by: Glitch100

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Another busy week with lots of planned development happening! We have integrated the ship slots system amidst a number of fixes and changes - so let's get talking about that.

Ship Slot System

The ship slot system is used by players to purchase fixed boosts to their army’s statistics. There are a number of slots available for players to purchase with more being added. Different ships have different slot limits and as you upgrade you will notice ships give higher slot limits. There are varying types of slots so the ones you purchase should lean towards benefitting your army. If your army is focused on air units then be sure to purchase slots that are beneficial towards air units, or if you use all vehicles then get some armour upgrades.


Ship slots are reasonably expensive, the reason being they ultimately improve a large percentage of your army and will positively impact performance so I recommend buying at least one when you get a chance. You can view the slots you have on your ship by going to the armoury page. Note that if you delete a slot it will be gone forever and should you wish to have it again you will need to repurchase. The same way that you cannot collect slots only have the amount equivalent to your ships limit.


In the coming week there will be more slots added that can affect not only troop performance but recharge costs and energy regeneration! So get your requisition points spent! We also added a mission and another unit; the vulture, this week!



Here is a list of fixes that were done over the week

  • Forum optimisations
  • Adjusted layout to not float incorrectly
  • Forum posts displaying incorrectly
  • Missions rewarding players with the incorrect amount of points
  • Store not running optimised queries
  • Units not displaying correct weapons
  • Blog posts not indexing
  • Errors on mobile versions of pages
  • Adjusted stat bar storage to be correct way round


Added/Changed Features

  • Stat bar now displays your storage
  • Tutorial page
  • Slot system
  • Removable slots
  • Adjusted units weapon capabilities
  • Changed formula for how battles play out to be less favourable to infantry
  • Added different slot types
  • Adjusted crit rates and unit factory
  • Improved optimisations on the battle system
  • Laying down infrastructure for purchasing different Items.
  • Laying down infrastructure for game records hub.
  • Adjusted various unit stats and prices and storage.





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