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Weekly Update - Forums - Missions - More!

25 Feb


Post by: Glitch100

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Although last week was incredibly busy, this week we launched the first iteration of the forum system and have added in various changes for it already to make it better. It’s quite standard as far as forum systems go however we are trying to make it as open and easy as possible for people to get involved. It will be different to most forums you have been on as it is our own implementation. Although it may seem fairly basic now, in time it will get better!  So be sure to post and add your suggestions in the correct forum! 

In addition we launched two new missions and are preparing to launch our first mission set. Mission’s sets are a series of missions that are one time only and require the previous missions to be done. These will help us build up a series of linear storylines for the player to participate in. 

Furthermore we deployed a number of fixes to solve a number of problems and bugs that we encountered:

  • An infinite mission glitch which allowed players to complete a mission infinite times and in some instances not be charged - clearly some members exploited this however we aren't sure on how to act on it or just leave it until the final wipe at this moment in time.
  • Not being able to buy new weapons for users
  • Not being able to start missions
  • Being battle locked on completion of certain missions.
  • Excessive memory usage when staying on thr battle screen.
  • Adjusted the chat box to be more efficient.
  • Additional Features
  • Implemented NinjaNyes suggestion to reduce server errors
  • Added in ship storage counter to stat bar
  • Balanced a number of units
  • Added weapons to every unit
  • Reduced difficulty of AI in missions.
  • Added new ships and changed armoury to display ships in preparation for new ship customisation update. Models courtesy of annihilater102
  • Plus a ton of minor issues.

Expect more on the upcoming features soon! There is so much in the pipeline it is oozing features and they are coming at a reasonable pace - I wish I could dedicate more time to getting those features to you, but I ask you be patient - In time we hope to reveal more... Now this update is done, O Halo fans, so play on and help improve the game. 

Thanks for reading!

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