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In the HALO Pipeline

20 Feb


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Keeping you in the Loop

Its been a very busy week and as such not as much development has got done as planned however there is a lot in the pipeline for those who were wondering.

Here's what we are working on at the moment:

Infrastructure for Custom forums: most sites with a forum on usually use some form of vBulletin, PHP board or some other third party jazz however, like all the functionality of the site - our forum is being custom made. It will take some time but it will bring greater satisfaction. Once finished it should fit neatly onto the account system and eventually allow for more player customisation in terms of avatars etc in the future.

Adjusting Battle System: Having received large amounts of feedback throughout development the balancing process has been on going and is constsntly under development. However the next step is to start changing the algorithm used, to bring in better results.

In depth Player Stats: As time goes on we will be adding in more player stats and eventually a screen go view all records of all games and some nice graphs of your career history.

Additional Units: More units are a content issue and as such are behind more important feature additions however we will add more just be patient.

Those are the main features on my plate at the moment - however in the pipeline is also:

  • Ship vs Ship battles.
  • Customisable Ship
  • Unit Equipment - more detailed upgrades
  • Two new Stores
  • More missions
  • More mission types
  • 'H'
  • 'Z'
  • 'SP-S'
  • And more...

Obviously those last 3 are a secret ;). Thanks again for all the feedback - keep it up, it has been excellent! Thanks for reading - be sure to share the update and get your friends involved!

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