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Weekly Update Number 5

30 Aug


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It's finally here, after an extremely long week! This week I will be covering various development leaps made during the week, future plans, the alpha (hurrah!) and the need for content editors (Masters of Halo Lore, with an interest in making the game better!) and of course site partnerships!

So I will jump straight into the meat of it; lots has been done this week. Milestones have been hit, that's for sure. Massive code improvements across the board, as well as new pages being implemented. On that matter, one of the pages which has been added (partially-still undergoing testing) is the content management page; this portal allows for the creation of new units (with ease) blog posts (not yet functioning) and more. This page will become the stomping grounds of the content editors. These people I will be recruiting in the coming days (Sunday-Monday hopefully) to begin adding units to the game!

Various new images and icons have been added site wide to areas not currently accessible to you, however here is a sneak peak of the new store items with some new icons:

new icons

These are just some of the new icons found throughout the site. I can't wait to share more with you - however you are going to have to wait a little bit longer...NOW! Onto the Alpha test - I know there are many waiting, and I really appreciate the interest! As for when it's opening up, it could be very soon, or a little longer. If development continues at it's current pace that we are, it could be very soon. However busy weeks ahead and unforeseen circumstances can often interrupt development - so stay tuned! Keep visiting the site! Here are some statistics since site launch:

  • 80+ People have signed up with interest
  • The Site is now averaging on 50+ Unique Views per day
  • We are pulling in traffic from all over the Halo Community Network!
stats And for that, THANK YOU! Please continue to share the site with your friends!

The Future! Well this is a call to other Halo Community sites! We want to help you, so you can help us! If you are interested in partnering up with us, with backlinks etc, then contact us using our form, tweet or whatever way you can! We are interested in conversing with all people interested. So make sure you check out our social pages:

Like, Tweet, Follow, Share! Get us out there, help the community establish this site and build something fun! We have also been looking into some form of discrete adverts but unfortunately to no avail. In relation to all this, Swaino is doing more and more each day to get our name out there and will be working on a trailer soon to demonstrate how the site works, mean while NinjaNye is working on solidifying various parts of the sites core features whilst I work on developing new and existing features to reach top spec.

And with that I leave you all. There will probably be a midweek update next week depending on progress! Hopefully see you then. Thank you HALO Folk...

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