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The Friends of UNSC Warfare

We have many sites that we recommend you go and visit for your Halo needs, or other communities worth participating in! Below is a list! If you want to become a friend contact us!

John Nye - Blog : A top developers website and blog - discussing programming, search extensions and more!

Reddit /r/Halo : A great subreddit full of Halo chat, fanwork, announcements and more!

Branch App - Halo Stat Tracking : The Branch App gives players the opportunity to enjoy high quality Halo stats. Detailed Halo Stats. Designed and Built with the community in mind.!

Headshot Nation Clan : A Halo Clan for players of all the franchise!

Halo Waypoint : The official community of all things Halo.

343i Community : The 343i Community forum has been a centre of community chatter for a long time, offering news on the Halo Franchise, general Xbox news and more!

Armor Watcher : View your Halo 4 and Halo: Reach armor and show it off to your friends, or get some nostalgia with the Halo 3, where you can put together your spartan just like you could back in Halo 3.