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Welcome to UNSC Warfare!

UNSC Warfare is an Online Free Browser Based game set in the Halo Universe after the Spartan Ops phase of HALO 4. It combines elements of Strategy, RPG and a 3D RTS Game Component! It puts players into the seat of a UNSC Ship and gives them the opportunity to lead their UNSC Forces to victory! It has an abundance of features in development, including : PvP, Missions, and Lore based Content straight from the community! The game features a browser based interface for the buying and management of units and a 3D Game counterpart for missions where players take command of units and complete various objectives! Support us, Register today and start playing UNSC Warfare for free!!


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UNSC Warfare is in open testing! You can play for free, forever, enjoy HALO Units, and HALO Strategy! Enjoy being part of an ever growing community and give important feedback to help influence the games development! Most recently added features include- MISSIONS,FORUMS,NEW UNITS.

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